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You never know the limits of your possibilities until you charter the waters of the impossible. Thats when you realize where your current limits are and then you know how to destroy them.

When people say “you’re not who I thought you were,” it’s usually negative. In my case it’s all positive. I underestimated you from the start. I never knew you’d have an impact like this on me. You make me smile everyday. I long to talk to you but I can’t show it. I can’t tell you how special you are because it’s all too soon. I’ve never had an eye on you or thought of you until you stepped closer. Now it’s all clear and all I want is to know you. Better than anyone else. I want to be that guy who never hurts you, and the guy who will be there when you fall. You’ll never strike your heel because I’m always here. Always here to catch you. The way I feel doesn’t make sense. It’s like I shouldn’t feel like this, but I can’t help it. I see another side of you and I love what I see. Those walls you put up..aren’t impenetrable. I’ll do anything to get over those walls, and never let you hurt again.

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